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About Our Company

My name is Dennis Nielsen, I am the owner and director of Kema Denmark Aps. I bought the company in 2009, which previously made Kema 1 bead breaker for 25 years.

Kema 1 bead breaker is now 35 years old and is still manufactured in Denmark in high quality. We want our customers to be satisfied that things are delivered in the right quality and at the agreed time



Kema 1 · Bead Breaker

Kema 1 Pneumatisk Bead Breaker is a transportable and practical tool, when large fastened tyres has to be loosened from the rim

Without even removing the rim

With a Kema 1 you won’t have to dismount the rim if you have a flat tyre, all you need is a jack.

Compact and manageable

The entire unit weights in at only 28.66 lb, and is very compact – allowing great portability.

Also loosens the tyre on the inside

It is possible to loosen the tyre on both sides, Kema 1 manages both fixing and bead-breaking.

Technical data

Height: 250 mm
Length: 320 mm
Width: 230 mm
Weight: 13 kg

5 main reasons to choose Kema 1

Very environmentally friendly tool, as it does not use hydraulic oil and is often used in the field

The only tool that Kema 1 requires besides, is a jack

All wearing parts can be purchased as spare parts

You can handle sudden problems immediately as they arise

Highest quality, a very good price and a tool with long life time value.

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