Kema 1 · Bead Breaker

Kema 1 Pneumatisk Bead Breaker is a transportable and practical tool, when large
fastened tyres has to be loosened from the rim

Without even removing the rim

With a Kema 1 you won’t have to dismount the rim if you have a flat tyre, all you need is a jack.

Compact and manageable

The entire unit weights in at only 28.66 lb, and is very compact – allowing great portability.

Also loosens the tyre on the inside

It is possible to loosen the tyre on both sides, Kema 1 manages both fixing and bead-breaking.

Technical data

Height: 250 mm
Length: 320 mm
Width: 230 mm
Weight: 13 kg
KEMA Technical data

How it works


Let air out of the rim. Place the ram on the edge of the rim and press the tyre slightly, if the tyre is old, more force might be needed for the Kema 1 to fasten.


Activate the air supply button (G), and the Kema 1 will be fastened to the rim. Kema 1 is held parralel to the tyre, allowing the Kema 1 to follow the rim.


Again activate the air supply button (G), and the tyre will be loosened. In case of older tyres, repeating B-E 2-3 times, different places on the rim might be necessary.

Transportable and practical tool

How to use it

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KEMA 1 - Calibration

Kema 1 needs calibration before use, follow these 5 quick steps and you’re ready to remove your flat tyre.

Calibration step 1

Step 1

Before use attach hose connections to air line. Connect air supply, measure width of the rim with a slide gauge.
Calibration step 2

Step 2

Activate the air supply button (G), until the jaw is at maximum position and the ram is in ready position.
Calibration step 3

Step 3

The adjustment screw on the jaw has to be adjusted with a 10 mm Allen key. The distance should be the width of the rim + approx. 2 mm.
Calibration step 4

Step 4

A too large distance between the ram and the jaw means that the ram will be pressed too far out on the side of the tyre, and is therefore unable to grip onto the tyre.
Calibration step 5

Step 5

Too small distance means that the jaw will be locked on to the rim and the machine will be unable to operate (If the machine fastened to the tyre, loosen it using the adjustment screw).